Barter Rule

Barny’s Village

Barnything is an online bartering platform between our village.

Members can discard some of their items in exchanged for something they want.

We call them “Caveman” and “Hunter”.

Caveman People who list their item
Hunter People who request item

Hello dear cavemen and cavewomen!
We are pretty sure the reason you have chosen to barter is because it is indeed a smart way of getting another new item in return without spending money. Also, most importantly, you are contributing to the environment!

1. Please, do not list prohibited products / service.

Oh I’m sure you know very well what I am talking about. Let’s keep Barny village a peaceful place. Do not list any dangerous, illegal, or inappropriate item/service. And when you have this thought: so Barnything can barter anything? Can I barter my girlfriend for somethings else ah? No, as I've said, do not barter any dangerous items. There are also more examples here:

No bartering animals
(Putting a pet up for adoption is fine!)
No bartering human organs
No bartering drugs
No bartering pornographic materials and/or items
No bartering ivory
Do not barter your gf, bf, yi mah gu jeh all cannot
No human trafficking

If you don’t know if the item you’re about to list is appropriate or not, always feel free to ask us at
Our friendly villagers in charge will get back to you as soon as possible.

Listings that do not adhere to the listing rules will be removed/banned from our platform.

2. Make sure your Listings are created with the right keywords

Our village is filled with all kinds of people, some may not be able to see/read properly. So you have to make sure you are listing the right thing and putting the right keyword. For example:

So are you listing a notebook. Is it the one on the left or the right?
You see?
My eyes have no problem. You are the problem.
So please get it right. Just list one item and write the right keywords.
3. Select your categories wisely

If you really have no idea which to choose, choose “others”. We’d really appreciate it if you know what are you listing, and know what you are doing. For example:

If you are listing a Macbook. Your category falls under electronic, not stationery.
A Macbook is not a book, it’s a laptop.
Please sober up before you choose a category. Thanks.
4. Photos of your listing

We are not asking you to use DSLR camera to take every nice shot of your item. This is Barnything not Instagram. Just your item, and a clean background will do. We understand that Bartering could declutter your house. But nobody wants to see your messy background.

Here is the DO NOT example:

This photo below and you are telling me you are listing that two highlighters.

You must be kidding me. DO NOT DO THAT.
If you are listing an orange highlighter.

This is the perfect way to do it. Find a plain background, or blur it out. Focus on the item that you want to list.

More questions?

Please email : we had turned on the notication for you.