Participate to receive a present from a caveman, and be a caveman’s secret Santa! Prepare a gift that is almost like new or absolutely new (Imagine if someone receive the item it will make someone’s day) Sleigh 2020 with a smile!

Please read the instruction carefully

Step 1

Register / sign in as user to be a giver, and a receiver. (Remember : only send the gift if you yourself would use it. Nobody wants trash as Christmas gift)

Step 2

Make payment, fill up the details. A present cost 180 Brocks for picking up your gift and your present’s delivery.

Step 3

Barnyteam will contact you through WhatsApp to collect the present. (Do not wrap it, we need to run through quality check if the present is appropriate)

Step 4

Final step, just wait for the present to arrived by 24 Dec! Happy bartering presents!

let's do this!
I have read the instructions from head to mistletoe

Be somebody’s Secret Santa!
Live update:
cavemans have participated